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Craig’s testimonial/recommendation

The following letter is a combination recommendation and testimonial. Since my relationship with Carrie Schindley covers both a client and business perspective, it is important to give a glimpse of both in order to understand her true nature and being.

Most of my life I have considered myself an athlete. When I was a young boy, I played most sports. As a teen, I excelled in tennis and played through college, and later, was an amateur in theNorthern Californiacircuit for 8 years. Once I stopped training and playing tennis, I noticed my body changing and my energy levels plummet. The lack of exercise and proper fueling turned my body into what I called “the soft white underbelly”. I was truly out of shape.

Of course, as an athlete, I “knew” how to work out and “knew” how to take care of my body. After all, I was an educated man with a degree, and there was a wealth of knowledge out there for me to obtain and implement into my life. This should be an easy fix, right…right? Well, not so much, at least not on my own.

Before I spoke with Carrie, I thought I knew how to take care of myself. I thought I knew how my diet affected my body and my life. As that educated man with a wealth of knowledge…I was dead wrong.

Within eight weeks of speaking and working with Carrie on a weekly basis, I lost 17 pounds and 4% body fat. My body changed dramatically. After my nutrition consultations, we set more goals. After adjusting my calorie intake, Carrie continued to coach me on the fitness floor; my workouts were incredible. My body was changing each week as I lost fat and gained lean muscle. After 6 months of working with Carrie, both from a nutrition and fitness perspective, I lost 5% body fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle.








Carries approach to nutrition and exercise are sound, easy to follow (with discipline), and results oriented. I can say this for certain: the most important change I made was my daily diet. I started eating six times a day and my metabolism responded positively. Carrie stresses:  If you put in the work, the results will follow. There are so many choices Carrie can provide for good food. Her vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition is exceptional. Though Carrie is an expert, she made me feel comfortable and confident. Remember earlier I stated “there is a wealth of knowledge out there…” Well, there is…and if you can have someone like Carrie Schindley guide you through the maze of information in health and fitness, then you need to utilize her expertise. She gave me the confidence to make the changes I needed in order to get my body where I wanted it to be, inside and out. More importantly, she gave me the tools for my toolbox so I can lead a healthy lifestyle the other 167 hours a week I wasn’t under her guidance.

Not only do I have a fitness program with Carrie; I have seen her work as well. I was President of Mavericks Sports Clubs for 2 years, and Carrie was training at theConcordlocation. Since I was headquarted there, I have seen her in action with a variety of clients. She has trained the out of shape athlete, the stay at home mom, the working family man/woman with very little time for themselves.

Lastly, but most importantly, it is critical to note as disciplined, clinical, and strict as Carrie is in her approach, she is equally as kind, compassionate, and sincere in regards to her clients. The final statement I can say about Carrie is this; she is an exceptional trainer, but even a better person. Whoever she touches is lucky and blessed.


Craig M. Lazarchik