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Letter of Recommendation from Dr. Stephanie Martin



To Whom It May Concern:

I first was introduced to Carrie through one of my patients who used to be a professional dancer.  After regaining mobility, and eliminating chronic pain through intensive chiropractic care in my office, I had encouraged her to start building her strength in order to support the changes she had made.  This woman has some challenges and abnormalities to her skeletal structure and I knew that finding the right professional would be absolutely critical to her success.  Eventually she found Carrie and was very impressed with her so I wrote a long letter explaining this patient’s limitations and areas to work on.  I also called and spoke to her and noticed right away her concern and professionalism.  The feedback I got from my patient about the individual attention, expertise, and personalized routine she got from Carrie was fantastic and it was such a joy to watch her flourish and reach the goals she had set for herself.

Because of this experience I decided to work with Carrie for some of my own needs and was equally delighted.  As a doctor it is really important to me that I can work with someone who not only knows their stuff, but will give me the kind of focus and dedication that I strive to give others.  I noticed right away that when Carrie is working with me she is never focused anywhere else.  She is always monitoring my form, helping me improve, and there to spot me if I need it so I can feel comfortable letting go and challenging myself.  As a person, she is warm, kind, and passionate about what she does.

I feel so lucky to have Carrie to refer my patients to.  Exercise is essential for optimal health, and many of my patients need an expert with them in order to prevent injuries and make positive changes instead of reinforcing the problems they already have.  I have sent her some really tough cases and some really fragile patients with total confidence because I know that she will skillfully work with them at their level.  I have seen her work with pre-teens all the way up to seniors with the same dedication, excitement, and focus.  One of my favorite patients had a very severe prior injury to her shoulder and was really scared to do any exercise at all.  As an older woman she also felt self-conscious about going to the gym.  I had to repeatedly reassure her that working with Carrie was exactly what she needed to regain her confidence and take her health to the next level.  Carrie was really excited to help her and actually came to her house in order to gain her confidence and help her with a program she could handle.  My patient came to me with tears of joy at the things she was able to achieve and how good she felt.  I care a lot about the people that I serve, and I am so grateful that I can trust Carrie to help the people I send her move forward without the risk of injury or setbacks.

Carrie is one of the most professional, committed, and skilled trainers I have ever known.  I could not give her a higher recommendation.  She is dedicated, easy to work with and learn from and I truly enjoy watching the people who commit and work with her gain the results and rewards they only dreamed were possible.

Yours in health,

Stephanie Martin D.C.