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Do you know the difference between static stretching and dynamic stretching?

DYNAMIC STRETCHING consists of functional based exercises which use sport specific movements to prepare the body for movement.

Dynamic Flexibility increases core temperature, elongates the muscles, stimulates the nervous system, and helps decrease the chance of injury while improving explosivity and reaction time during performance.

It’s best to do dynamic stretching before you start your exercise.

STATIC STRETCHING involves gradually easing into a specific stretch and holding the position.
The amount of time a static stretch is held may be anything from 6 seconds to 2 minutes. Static stretching helps improve your overall flexibility.
Often in static stretching you are advised to move deeper into the stretch position as your muscles loosen up.
Static stretching should be done after you are already warm, or else there is a possibility it can actually lead to an injury if pushed too far.
I actually experienced this when jumping into the splits during my fitness routine in 2004!!! My body wasn’t warm enough and it led to a torn hamstring…not fun!!!