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John’s Testimonial



Carrie Schindley


I joined the Maverick Health Club during November 2008. I received with my membership of three months, two free training sessions with a personal trainer.  This trainer was Carrie Schindley.

I have been a member of various health clubs, gyms, done home training, for the past thirty years. I have never had a trainer of the caliber of Carrie during this whole period.

Before my first session started, we discussed my health, medications I was taking, injuries I had suffered, and my personal preferences regarding working out. Carrie then proceeded to set up a program for me which we began on my second session. I was so impressed by the way Carrie demonstrated the different exercises and equipment I would be using, that I immediately signed on for a course of ten more sessions with her.

During the course of these sessions, I was shown the correct way to exercise the various parts of the body, Carrie making sure all the time that I was not hurting myself. I proceeded to lose inches and pounds during this time, much to my surprise and delight. She also discussed my eating habits and food preferences, making me very confident in what was doing.

Unfortunately, at the end of the sessions, I left Mavericks and joined another health club, where Carrie was not able to assist me.

I have used the new club with a new trainer for two weeks, and each time I compare the wonderful knowledge, experience and gentle way of Carrie with the clueless person who is now trying to be my “trainer”.

For a person looking for the “BEST” trainer available, use Carrie Schindley!  You will not regret it.

John Sandler

(Former client).