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Nancy’s Testimonial

I began working out with Carrie 3 + years ago.  I purchased my 1st  package and started meeting with her once a week.

As time went by, I was seeing results and I was feeling confident about the way I was working out.  I was using proper form and repetitions.  It became a “Eureka” moment for me.  In addition to this, I was trying very hard to understand my nutritional intake.  Carrie provided me with a plan that I admit, was not the easiest to follow.  But follow it I did and I saw even better results.

All of this came at a pivotal point in my life and I am forever grateful to Carrie for steering me in the right, healthy direction.

I admit, over the last few months I have fallen off Carrie’s “plan”, but I am determined to get back on track now because I know it works.

Carrie has always been consistently attentive and informative.  I learned a great deal about nutrition from her; what is my necessary caloric intake, how often, which combinations of protein, carbohydrates and fats.  I have also learned form takes precedent over substance.  If you do the exercise correctly, the results will come.

Thank you Carrie for getting this “old chick” in better shape than she was in her 20”s.